Queens Tree Services

Clearview Tree & Land Corp TruckIf you’re looking for a Queens County tree service company, we’re as good as it gets.  Clearview tree & land is a locally owned & operated tree services company that prides themselves on getting the job done safely, effectively and always to our customer’s satisfaction.  Our tree technicians are licensed, insured, bonded and are knowledgeable in all phases of Queens tree service. So if you have questions, need some advice on tree care, feel free to ask. A few of the Queens tree services we provide include tree removal, hazardous tree inspections, stump removals, lot clearing, land clearing, storm damage cleanups, tree spraying, disease control, deadwood removal and much more.

Queens Tree Removal  

Coordinated large tree branch removalFor us tree removal can be very simple or complicated, but it’s never ever dangerous. This is because we follow industry standards related to safe tree removal. Be sure to always check and see that the company your hiring is fully licensed insured and that they have experience. If the company you hire makes one wrong move, it could cost you a lot more than what you were planning to spend. Not only do we have tremendous experience, our equipment is modern, and our employees are constantly trained on the proper ways to provide tree removal to our residential and commercial Queens Tree removal customers.

Queens Tree Pruning

tree surgeon in bucket For over 20 years, Clearview Tree & Land has been pruning trees throughout Queens County, NY, Long Island & New York City. The object of pruning is to product strong, healthy, attractive trees.  We only wish it were as simple as this though. The truth is, our pruning methods change depending on the species of trees you have. We also prune differently depending on the season.  The main reasons we prune trees is for safety, health and aesthetics.  For example, leaving deadwood on trees can be a hazard if it falls on someone below, also it can attract disease and fungi. This will eventually eat away at your entire tree.  Allowing us to provide Queens tree pruning on your trees will keep them healthy and allow them to retain their natural shape. Some common but diverse methods of tree pruning in Queens that we provide are:

  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Elevation
  • Crown Thinning