New York and Long Island Tree Services

Long Island NY Tree Worker feeding tree chipperClearview Tree & Land Corp. has been providing expert tree care services for over 20 years. You can always count on us to provide your home or business with friendly, professional and expert tree care. Our focus on customer satisfaction has been one of the highest points of our success since 1991. Our team comes equipped with the latest in safety techniques, tools, and experience.Whether you have trees on your residential or commercial property,we are completely at your service. These services include

  • Tree Pruning/Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Storm Tree Damage
  • Tree Analysis
  • Tree Planting
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Structure Evaluation
  • Plant Analysis & Diagnostics
  • Tree Disease Control
  • Insect Management
  • Stump Grinding
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Fertilization & Soil Management
  • Drought Services
  • Ornamental Pruning

NYC & LI Residential Tree Services

Long Island NY Tree removal projectThis is our most common type of service. A large number of our clients own homes or residential properties that have plenty of trees. We’ve been known to provide standard tree maintenance services such as tree pruning and we perform emergency tree removal. If you have a brownstone, condo, house, or operate an apartment complex, and  live in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan, we’re at your service!

NYC & LI Commercial Tree Services

Trees should always be naturally beautiful and healthy. A beautiful landscape will increase the value of a home and protect the image of a business. We specialize in commercial tree services in and around the New York City-Long Island, NY areas. Our arborist and technicians have done plenty of work for office complexes, catering halls, condos, storefronts, hotels and plenty other types of businesses. We provide seasonal tree pruning to help maintain the beauty and health of the business’s trees, deadwood removal to pull any dead or diseased branches, and stump/tree removal when it’s absolutely necessary.

Tree Services for Churches, Parks, Schools, Colleges

Clearview also has plenty of experience providing annual and seasonal tree services for churches, parks, schools and colleges within the NYC metro area. Trees within these properties need constant attention due to the high amount of pedestrian traffic. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail so it ends up being a perfect fit. This is especially important since a good portion of the work we do involves tree pruning. Pruning is a delicate service and should only be handled by trained professionals that are familiar with the regions tree species, type and the overall balance of the tree.

NYC & LI Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is sometimes necessary. We really dislike promoting it but it’s a fact of life. Sometimes trees do need to be removed. It may have to be removed for the safety of you or those around you. A good percentage of the time it’s because the tree is either dead or was fatally damaged during a storm. In a situation like that, if it’s not pulled down quickly it can cause terrible damage.

Long Island NY land clearingNYC & LI Tree Pruning Services

The most common, basic reasons for tree pruning are to remove dead branches, remove crowded or rubbing limbs, and most importantly; to eliminate hazards.  If done properly by the tree company you decide to hire, the end result will be a beautiful healthy tree.  If done improperly, this can permanently damage the tree. So please make sure you do your research and ask a lot of questions before you just hire anyone. Tree pruning is not the type of service an amateur should be handling.

NYC & LI Stump Removals

You’ve probably been staring at that stump in your yard for the longest time, or maybe it’s been there for years and you never noticed it until one day the thought of why it was there sprang into your head.  We are tree stump removal experts.  The stump removal will be done for you at an affordable price, and in a prompt fashion.

NYC & LI Tree Planting

The only thing better than tree pruning to us is being able to plant a new tree! Our team, consisting of an arborist and a huge crew of professionally trained tree experts have access to any type of tree you need for your beautiful landscape. We’ll make sure the tree is planted or transplanted properly within your lawn and has all the proper support to grow into a beautiful, lovely tree.