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Are you in need of a Brooklyn Tree Services company? We have all of the experience, certifications, manpower and equipment that it takes to get any tree work you need done. When it comes to the competition, we’ve always been able to excel due to our team oriented philosophy, our combined experience, affordable pricing and fantastic customer service. Some of the Brooklyn tree services we provide include tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, trimming, deadwood removal, branch cutting, tree planting, transplanting, land clearing, crown reductions and much more..

Brooklyn Tree Removal

Do you need a tree(s) removed? We hope it’s not an emergency. Tree removal is no job for an amateur. You need a fully licensed, insured tree service company that has all the necessary equipment and adheres to industry wide safety protocols in order to bring your tree down in the best possible manner. We provide fast, safe, efficient and affordable Brooklyn tree removal. Some of the reasons a tree may need to be removed include:

  • Brooklyn tree pruning workersDead, Disease, Dying
  • The right equipment
  • Cosmetic Reasons  (Land-Lot Clearing)

Brooklyn Tree Pruning

Our arborist and team of tree service specialists know exactly what you need when it comes to tree pruning. This is exactly how we got our reputation within Brooklyn. It’s also one of our most common services. Tree pruning is one of the most overlooked services yet one of the most important you could provide for your trees. Did you know that the look and health of your trees could impact the real estate value of your property?  If you hire us to provide pruning for your trees, we take all the necessary steps needed to beautify them and keep them as healthy as possible.

Brooklyn Stump Removal

stump removal in Brooklyn NYStumps can be quite the annoyance especially if they’re in an area with a lot of pedestrian traffic. They can also be a hazard if you’ve got little kids running around. Let us take care of the annoyance. Tree stumps are what’s left over from trees that have either fallen down or were removed. We use different methods to get rid of them quickly. Sometimes we may use an industrial stump grinding machine, other times we use chemical treatments to allow the stump to disappear. Either way, we’ll get rid of your tree stumps quickly.

Brooklyn Hazard Tree Inspections

Falling branches and of course trees can be a major liability. So whether you own a home or a business, if either falls, they can seriously damage property, injure and even kill people. Clearview tree & land provide a specialized service that will help give you an outline of any problem trees your property may have. Once we make you aware of any issues or potential liabilities we spot, we’ll go to work making things safe again for the people and property around you.