New York City & Long Island Tree Planting

tree planter nycDo you need trees to be planted?  If you are in New York City or Nassau County, Long Island, then we can do your tree planting for you. As tree experts, Clearview Tree and Land can help you pick the right trees to plant in the right spot. We do all we can to make sure that our tree planting rates are competitively priced.

Putting Together A Tree Planting Plan

For trees to be best appreciated, it is important to plan ahead.  Planting trees is best when it has been well thought out so that future problems can be avoided.  In order for trees to grow properly, many things have to be taken into account to ensure that the right trees are planted in the right place. A tree that is poorly located can cause a property owner major problems down the road. That is why before you plant trees, you should contact Clearview Tree and Land.  Clearview Tree and Land has been helping homeowners all over Long Island and New York City for several years.

Did you know that 80% of tree failure is due to improper planting? At Clearview Tree and Land Corp, you can rest assured that the trees we plant on your property will grow to live a long and prosperous life. On the surface, tree planting may seem easy but it’s actually a very complex procedure.We take into account a number of different methods to ensure optimal growth including:

  • Tree Location
  • Species Selection
  • Tree Type
  • Site Preparation (soil, watering, fertilization)
  • Mulching

The Benefits of Tree Planting

The benefits of tree planting are vast. During the planning stages, a certified arborist will discuss useful places on where to place your tree(s). Not only an trees beautify your property, they can also increase the value. We will survey your property and determine the best spots to provide shade during the summer and wind protection in the winter.

Once we’ve been able to determine locations for your new trees, we’ll have to decide which type of species to plant. This is where the help of a certified arborist comes in handy. We will examine your soil, climate and of course; personal taste in order to make the proper recommendation on your behalf.

Our Tree Planting Steps

Trees come from the nursery as three different types. These include a) Bare-Rooted Trees, b) Container Trees, and c) Balled and Burlapped Trees. Each has their own pros and cons in comparison to the others. Once we’ve been able to make a selection, we’ll begin properly digging. The next step involves adding plenty of water, fertilizer and adding mulch to conserve moisture needed for growth. A method known as “staking and guy wiring” is provided in order to give the tree structural support. You can think of this as training wheels for a young tree until it’s established itself enough to support it’s own weight. The final finishing touches to your new tree(s) involve “wrapping” and “pruning.” Wrapping is done to prevent the sun from scalding fresh, young bark while pruning should be done lightly only to remove dead or broken branches.

All The Tree Planting Experience You need, right here

Our experienced tree planters will be sure to select the right trees, and ensure that the right trees are planted properly to maximize the chances of living a long and healthy life. It is important to be avoid the many pitfalls that can come as a result of inexperienced and hurried landscapers.  Unfortunately, for the most part, many errors are costly to reverse.  At Clearview Tree and Land, our crew will take everything into account to ensure that everything is done correctly with respect to the depth and width of the tree planting hole.  In addition, we make sure that the owner walks away fully informed of the required maintenance to ensure healthy growth throughout the tree’s life.