plant diagnosticsResidential Plant Analysis and Diagnostics Service

Do you want to enhance the look and feel of your plants and garden space? The outside of your property is the first thing noticed by visitors. It’s also what draws people into your home. Clearview Tree and Land Corp. specialize in residential plant analysis, tree analysis and diagnostics. Through the use of time tested techniques as well as treatment plans, we can help you to maximize growing power of your plants, flowers and trees.

In this business, we’re highly dependable due to knowledge. Our team of certified arborists receive consistent training and documentation needed to identify thousands of unique species. On top of identification, we also help homeowners maintain their gardens by providing specific care to various plants, flowers and trees.

Examining Your Plants

There are many secrets to plant analysis that just aren’t covered by many landscaping or tree service companies. When we’re able to examine your plant’s tissue we can spot all kinds of things. These include:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Toxicities
  • Imbalances
  • Evaluation of Fertilizer Programs
  • “Hidden Hunger” from the Plant

Evaluation of Your Plants and Soil

Insects and pests pose a threat to your plants, trees and flowers. Part of our plant analysis service includes diagnosing current health problems as well as assessing future health concerns based on the species of plant, flower or tree. We have thorough information on each species which will help in identifying the insects and arthropods causing damage. This will allow us to put together a professional treatment plan that will keep the pests away permanently.

New York’s Plant Analysis Experts

There is a science to this and no one realizes that better than us. Did you know that many types of fertilizer won’t provide any type of growth benefit to plants? Once we’re able to provide a through plant analysis, our arborist can make a recommendation based on what type of nutrients can be derived from soil and fertilizer. If plant analysis is done properly, we can help you create and grow the garden of your dreams!