Residential Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito Control NYC & LIYour family’s comfort and safety throughout the spring and summer are a top priority for Clearview Tree and Land Corp. Imagine being able to go into your yard and enjoy the weather without constantly swatting away mosquitos. With our convenient mosquito control solutions, it’s a reality. Our mosquito sprays are designed to fully minimize infestations throughout your property. So whether your having a family barbecue or preparing for a party, these sprays can be applied at any time for optimal effect.

How It Works

Mosquito control is performed year round. A common misconception is that we only spray during the warmer months of the year. This is false, it’s far more effective to target mosquito breeding grounds throughout your property before they’re eggs hatch. We have a proprietary process which helps to ensure a successful mosquito control campaign. A certified mosquito control representative from Clearview Tree and Land Corp. will visit your property and look for potential breeding grounds. These could include shady areas as well as stagnant puddles of water. After this, we’ll set up a specialized treatment plan just for you in order to reduce the flow of mosquitos throughout your property.

long island mosquito spraySafe Mosquito Removal

Mosquitos aren’t just and annoyance. They have been known to spread disease and even cause severe allergic reactions to those whom have allergies. You don’t have to be worried about our sprays, they carry a very low toxicity to mammals. We have your best interests with health being paramount, in mind. Clearview Tree and Land Corp. offer only the finest and safest mosquito spray treatments available.