Insect and Disease Control Services for Trees

Unfortunately, there are many insects and disease organisms which are fully capable of infecting trees and shrubs within your landscape. Although many have a minimal impact on flowers and plants, their destructive power related to trees and shrubs is significant. Clearview Tree and Land Corp. specialize in a number of insect and disease control programs meant to put the health of your trees and shrubs back into your hands!

Tree Insect Control

disease-insect management clearviewPests and other insects can wreak havoc on the health of your trees. Whether you’ve got an old oak tree in your yard or your’e trying to grow fruit, the methods used to eliminate insects can vary. Since Clearview Tree and Land Corp. is an environmentally friendly company, we take matters concerning the use of pesticides into a great deal of consideration. Diagnosing the problem and spotting the insect or infestation is our first area of concern. One of our certified arborists will conduct a formal analysis involving the infested tree(s) or shrub(s). We consider a number of factors before creating a report. These include:

  • Tree/Shrub Location
  • Soil Fertility
  • Size/Type
  • Species
  • Season

After all of the information has been collected, our arborist will be able to explain the best course of action including the insect’s life cycle and recommend a treatment plan involving insecticide sprays.

Tree Disease Control

Certain diseases will only target a specific species of tree. While others are triggered by either changes in the environment or season. You can count on us to be completely knowledgable when it comes to tree fungus concerns and treatment plans. We provide proactive and reactive treatment in order to control the disease. In other instances, we’re able to completely cure your tree(s).

Tree Disease Symptoms

insect-diseased treeIt’s important to realize that tree disease a very time sensitive issue. If not caught or treated within the appropriate amount of time, your tree may not be salvageable. Trees don’t get better on their own. Contrary to popular belief, many will worsen and eventually decay until treatment is started. Some common symptoms found in trees that are diseased include:

  • Abnormal Growth Throughout the Tree
  • Open Wounds on Trunk and Limbs
  • Cracks In the Trunk
  • Dead Limbs or Leaves
  • Underdevelopment/Overdevelopment of Tissue
  • Fungi on Bark
  • Fungi on leaves
  • Exposed Roots

Clearview Tree and Land Corp. have devised plenty of specialized treatment plans designed to manage the spread of harmful insects and devastating diseases in order to save your tree.