Residential Fertilization and Soil Management Services

Your trees and plants are only as healthy as the soil they grow from. Being able to properly grow and maintain trees, plants and flowers throughout your residential landscape is completely contingent on fertilizer and soil management. At Clearview Tree and Land Corp. our experts can help to identify the many different variables needed for proper growth. These include factors such as:

  • Organic Material Additions to Help Improve Poor Soil Conditions
  • Methods to Achieve Better Soil Aeration
  • Proper Nutrients
  • Oxygen Level Measurements
  • Fungi Injections
  • Application Methods

The Benefits of Tree Fertilization

tree fertilization services long island nyTrees and (or) plants that may benefit from fertilization should be younger and established. This is very different from “just planted.” The trees’ roots should be firmly established within the soil before fertilizer has been applied. Before we actually go into the process of doing this, ph levels need to be checked. We also analyze the nutrients available in the soil and foliage in order to get a more complete assessment of what’s needed for optimal growth.

Soil Management

The main goal of soil management is to safeguard and enhance the quality of soil. It’s comprised of air, water, mineral particles, organic matter and organisms. Soil structure is absolutely critical to root growth, tree health and shrub health. Our most common method for improving poor soil conditions in order to boost tree and (or) shrub-plant growth includes adding organic materials. Over time materials such as arbor mulch or soil aeration will breakdown adding organic material and nutrients. Clearview Tree & Land Corp. has several other methods available for any scenario related to fertilization and soil management.