Residential Drought Service in NYC & Long Island

Residential Drought ServiceThroughout the years of a tree’s life, it goes through many different patterns of weather. When the water levels within soil are at far lower levels than normal, this can cause major problems. Often trees that are at a younger age are more susceptible to damage than older trees. Unfortunately, these periods of drought can cause a tree’s growth ability and normal mineral absorption to slow down. This in turn dramatically lowers the energy trees produce for themselves and will lead to decline or decay. Insects or pests can sense the decay and are attracted to these trees in decline. Once the tree has been infested, the rate of damage will be much higher.The most commonly seen symptoms of tree drought include:

  • Leaf Scorch
  • Yellowing
  • Leaf Drop
  • Premature Fall Coloration
  • Wilting
  • Leaf Shedding
  • Stomatal Control

insect-diseased treeOur Treatment Methods for Tree Drought

Water is a very important part of tree growth. From photosynthesis to root growth and nutrient uptake, water is a major part of everything. The best treatment for drought especially throughout areas where it’s common is prevention. We have teams in place that can help look after your trees by watering them at the proper times. We also utilize specialized growth hormone regulators which can help expedite the process.